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    Welcome: BOSS Sealing Solutions
    Language: Chinese ∷  English

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    • Seal for chemical pump Rexroth
    • Seal for chemical pump Rexroth
    Seal for chemical pump RexrothSeal for chemical pump Rexroth

    Rotary shaft seal for chemical pump Rexroth

    This is a custom made rotary shaft spring energized seal for chemical pump Rexroth,

    good quality with perfect sealing effect.

    standard and non-stardard seals available for your equipments.

    No previous NEXT:Aerospace seal rod PTFE seal


    Contact: Henry

    Phone: +86 13392768056(WhatsApp)

    Tel: +86 757 87333601

    Email: [email protected]

    Add: DX3906,Sanshui,Foshan City,528100,Guangdong,China