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    Welcome: BOSS Sealing Solutions
    Language: Chinese ∷  English

    Encapsulated Seals

    • Encapsulated Hollowcore O-Ring
    Encapsulated Hollowcore O-Ring

    Encapsulated Hollowcore O-Ring

    • Hollow core rubber
    • hollow silicone
    • hollow FKM
    • Product description: PTFE FEP PFA Encapsulated hollow core silicone fkm o ring
    Compared with the encapsulated solid rubber o-ring, the hollow core rubber decreased the hardness of the coating solid rubber seal, greatly increases the elasticity of the coated o-ring, and has a wider range of application.

    BOSS Sealing provides hollow core silicone coated o-ring, hollow core coated FKM rubber o-ring, hollow core silicone coated gasket, hollow FKM/FPM rubber coated gasket and so on.

    Non-standard size and material available.